Liquor Stores Linked to Gun Violence in Chicago

While the per-capita homicide rate is noticeably higher here in Baltimore,  Chicago has been the center of national coverage on inner-city gun violence over the last two years.

Now, a soon to be released by Dr. Marie Crandall, an associate professor at Northwestern University and a trauma surgeon at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, links gun violence to the proximity of liquor stores in impoverished neighborhoods in Chicago. Although many see the connection between alcohol outlets and violent crime as common sense, the study actually reveals that residents near a liquor store in southern and western neighborhoods in Chicago stand a far greater chance of being shot than other residents in the same neighborhood that are not near a liquor store.

The correlation between liquor stores and violent crime is an issue prevalent in Baltimore and one being taken up at the zoning hearing on October 3rd

CPHA looks forward to discussing the details of this study once it is publicly available.


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Scott Bort

Scott Bort

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Scott Bort

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