Support Liquor Store Reform with this Letter

If you approve of the portion of Bill #12-0152 that will reduce the quantity of Class A packaged goods stores and make sure Class BD-7 Taverns stop acting like sham taverns in Baltimore, send this provided letter of support to our city council members. Copy Michael Snidal ( in your email so we know that you sent it.

You can find your council members contact here, or emails are listed at the bottom of this article. These are the most common reasons that citizens have told CPHA that they support the legislation:

1. I am tired of the loitering, crime, violence, and drug dealing associated with these establishments

2. I do not want my children to grow up near the loitering, drinking, crime, violence, and drug dealing associated with these establishments

3. I believe this bill will create a healthier and more business friendly Baltimore

4. I wish to walk down the street without the fear of these establishments.

5. There are too many liquor stores operating in my neighborhood and in Baltimore

6. Liquor outlets are operating on our residential streets where they shouldn’t be selling liquor

7. “Taverns” in my community are operating as regular liquor stores when they shouldn’t be

8. There are more liquor stores than grocery stores in my community

9. These stores are hurting our community and impacting my quality of living

10. These establishments hurt surrounding communities and we need to support improving those communities to better Baltimore as a whole.

11. These establishments discourage other healthier businesses from locating in my community

12. This will encourage healthier stores to locate in our community

13. Higher outlet density is associated with higher rates of violent crime

14. These establishments cost our police force time and money

15. Baltimore children who live near these outlets are at increased risk of seeing people sell drugs

16. Liquor store outlets are disproportionately located in African American neighborhoods

17. My representative should be more concerned with the health, safety, and will of our community as whole rather than the individual wealth of these proprietors.

18. Liquor store owners have had over 40 years to conform with the current zoning uses


Council President
Bernard C. “Jack” Young

District 1
James B. Kraft

District 2
Brandon M. Scott

District 3
Robert Curran

District 4
Bill Henry

District 5
Rochelle “Rikki” Spector

District 6
Sharon Green Middleton

District 7
Nick Mosby

District 8
Helen Holton

District 9
William “Pete” Welch

District 10
Edward Reisinger

District 11
William H. Cole IV

District 12
Carl Stokes

District 13
Warren Branch

District 14
Mary Pat Clarke

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Scott Bort

Scott Bort

This article was written by Scott Bort and edited by Michael Snidal. Click here to meet our writing team.
Scott Bort

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