MTA Head Tells Developers to Consider Transit in Project Design

The Baltimore Business Journal reports that new MTA head Kevin Quinn spoke to the Greater Baltimore Committee last week and explained the importance of design and location when it comes to constructing developments that are accessible to transit.

Quinn gave the example of a Wal-Mart being built nowhere near a transit line and then receiving requests from elected officials to provide transit. However, diverting a bus off its main route can be a major inconvenience for the other passengers and is difficult for the transit agency to do in a cost-efficient manner. In order to prevent this from happening, Quinn wants developers to consult with the MTA when planning their projects. This is something that both Sagamore and Tradepoint Atlantic are doing.

Transit consultant Jarett Walker also discusses this concept using the term “be on the way.” As Walker explains, transit works best when development is planned along a straight line. It’s also important for developments to be close to the street and be in a geographically accessible location as opposed to behind a vast surface parking lot or up on a hill.

In brief, Baltimore needs a better transit system but developers and planners must also do their part through designing communities that can be effectively served by transit–and even encourage it.

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Gregory Friedman

Gregory Friedman

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