Attend DPW’s Development Training Program

Baltimore has multiple organizations focused on developing not only the city, but the individuals who live in it. The Baltimore City Department of Public Works has created a training program dedicated to developing strong business men and women who are interested in founding or running small businesses.

Their upcoming 10-week program is dedicated to educating small business owners and equipping them to understand the mechanisms of development. This course will have a special focus in construction management. In order to participate there is a registration fee of $199 as well as an application that can be completed here. The deadline for the application is August 18, 2017. Their website includes a breakdown of each class as well as the prices. Learn more here!

The first class will begin on:

September 12, 2017
Baltimore City Department of Public Works
Office of Engineering and Construction
Abel Wolman Municipal Building
200 N Holliday St
Baltimore, Maryland 21202

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Sarah Amoyaw

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