Transportation Still an Obstacle for Employment

Recently, BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport’s CEO and other authorities have noted a problem with transportation being inadequate in connecting potential employees to jobs at the airport. The airport is already a major employer in the Baltimore area and is rapidly growing. While this growth will mean more job opportunities, inadequate transportation may exclude many potential employees. especially those who are low-income.

The Opportunity Collaborative was a consortium, in which CPHA was an active participant, that developed a Regional Plan for Sustainable Development. The goal of the plan was to form strategies to address issues of economic and social disparities that impact the sustainability of the Baltimore Region. Regarding the issue of barriers to employment, the Collaborative identified a lack of adequate transportation as a long standing problem. In a report entitled The Last Mile, the Central Maryland Transportation Alliance outlined this issue. Many of the major employers in Baltimore, including BWI Airport, are in spread out areas that make it difficult to serve these areas with public transportation. This lack of direct transport results in long commute times for employees and can it impossible for people to work at places that have opportunities for them. Suggested solutions explored in the consortium include running more frequent public transit routes, having employers organize shuttle services, and organizing affordable housing around areas of major employment.

The consortium was held in 2014 and as BWI Airport demonstrates, the problem of transportation is an ongoing issue. While solutions have been explored the problems persist, and as such it is clear that continued and well-planned movements are necessary to push for further change.

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Ross Webster

Ross Webster

Ross K. Webster is currently pursing his bachelors degree in philosophy at the University of California, Riverside. Ross is joining CPHA for the summer of 2017, and is looking forward to directing his writing skills towards the topics of housing and transportation in a nonprofit setting.
Ross Webster

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