Archivist and Organizational History Intern

Explore the history of Baltimore’s premier civc action organizations through archiving or through historical research.

Benefits of an Internship with CPHA

  • The intern will learn about pressing issues facing the Baltimore metropolitan area and opportunities to address them on the local, regional and state level.
  • The intern will meet with CPHA’s partners and assist in regional and local initiatives in the area of housing, transit, neighborhoods and/or leadership development.
  • The intern will learn about working for a nonprofit organization, and will learn about the culture of nonprofits.

Interns Will Focus Their Work on a Category That Matches Their Goals:

  • Archiving: Assist University of Baltimore archivists as they organize and categorize CPHA’s historic documents from the 1940’s to the present. The files are available publicly online, and are also used by CPHA to document our history (see below).
  • Historical Research & Writing: Work with the documents already archived to compile information on CPHA’s programs over the 70 year history. This project will eventually result in a searchable online database of all program descriptions, and may eventually be tranformed into a book or a DVD. A basic outline of programs has already been completed. New interns will use the outline to conduct research decade by decade into CPHA’s archived documents.


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively with CPHA staff and community members.
  • Interest in community action, research, public policy, advocacy and influencing the legislative process.
  • Passion for improving communities and strong personal values that align with CPHA’s Vision and Mission.

How to Apply

This internship is unpaid.  Internship dates and application deadlines are rolling.  CPHA accepts applications and new interns throughout the year.  Students should email a resume and cover letter to