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Give Feedback on the Future of Baltimore CIty’s Recreation and Parks System

The Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks is developing a comprehensive plan to address the future needs of the parks system. They are asking the public to complete a survey as the first step in their year-long engagement process. […]

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Attend Public Hearings on North Avenue Rising

The North Avenue Rising project aims, with the help of federal, state, and city funds to fundamentally reshape North Avenue into an inviting transit and pedestrian-friendly thoroughfare. However,

Attend Baltimore County Council Meetings

With over 800,000 residents Baltimore County is the largest jurisdiction in the Baltimore region and the third largest in the state of Maryland. Yet what happens there doesn't

Transportation 101 Classes

The Central Maryland Transportation Alliance is a coalition of leaders within Baltimore focused on improving mass transit in the Baltimore region. The Transportation Alliance will be hosting a

Monthly Meetings for Maryland Transit Administration

The Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) is hosting public meetings to act as an intermediary between the community and the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA).  The CAC is a voluntary

Attend DPW’s Development Training Program

Baltimore has multiple organizations focused on developing not only the city, but the individuals who live in it. The Baltimore City Department of Public Works has created a

Attend MTA Accessible Transportation Meetings

It is a common misconception that large organizations do not take the opinions of the members of the local community into consideration when making decisions. The Citizens Advisory

Water Affordability Meeting

Baltimore is currently facing rising water rates, and there is discussion of passing new legislation to make water more affordable within the city. This meeting will include a

Attend Rally to Fight Back Against Proposed Housing Cuts

Recently, the  Federal Government has made proposals which could pose huge consequences for cities across the country. The effects that this could have on the city of Baltimore

21s Century Schools – Forest Park Construction Meeting

21st Century Schools is a movement that began in 2010 to modernize public school buildings in Baltimore. This meeting will provide an update regarding the construction on Forest