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Tenants at a Disadvantage in Baltimore City Rent Court

A yearlong investigation of Baltimore City’s rent court by the Baltimore Sun reveals an unjust system where tenants are routinely denied their due process rights. Setup roughly 70 years ago, Baltimore City’s rent court was designed to protect tenants. Thanks in […]

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Reflecting on Baltimore’s Light Rail Line

The Baltimore Sun has an article on the failure of Baltimore's Light Rail line to live up to what so many of its boosters hoped it could be.

Plans Emerge for new Town Center in Woodlawn

A month ago, the Baltimore Sun reported that developer Howard Brown of David S. Brown Enterprises announced plans for a new urban town center on land currently occupied

Can an Innovation District Revitalize West Baltimore?

Next City has a profile of an initiative known as the West Baltimore Innovation Village. Spearheaded by residents and with the support of anchor institutions like the Maryland

Segregation Carries Negative Economic Impact

A new report from the Urban Institute and the Chicago based non-profit Metropolitan Planning Council found that not only does racial segregation hurt disadvantaged minorities, it also hurts

Understanding Community Development Block Grants

President Trump's proposed budget calls for significant cuts to non-defense discretionary spending in order to increase funding for the military. Among those agencies targeted for cuts is the

State of America’s Metropolitan Areas

The Brookings Institution's recently released Metro Monitor report aims to measure economic progress in the country's 100 largest metropolitan areas. It does this through measuring growth, prosperity, and

Baltimore Works to Provide Housing for Artists

The Baltimore Sun reports that the Baltimore Rock Opera Society returned to its rehearsal space at the previously shuttered Bell Foundry near the Station North Arts and Entertainment

CPHA’s 2016 Maryland Legislative Wrapup

2016 was a very active year for CPHA and our work with transportation advocacy. It was also a successful one. Out of the four bills we championed, three

Understanding the Baltimore County HOME Act

The Baltimore County HOME Act would outlaw discrimination against renters based on their source of income. Sources of income covered under this law can include inheritance, disability payments, alimony,