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City Council To Review Parking Cash Out Proposal

Councilman Ryan Dorsey along with co-sponsors Brandon Scott, Yitzy Schleifer, Zeke Cohen, Kris Burnett, Shannon Sneed, Bill Henry, and Mary Pat Clarke have introduced a bill before the City Council that would mandate the City pay the cash equivalent to what […]

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CPHA Releases Empowertrans Report

CPHA is pleased to announce the release of Project Empowertrans: Transportation Options for Connecting Affordable Housing and Growing Job Centers. This report was written by then CPHA Director

Perkins Homes Redevelopment Raises Concerns Among Residents

The Beatty Development Group headed by Michael Betty was recently chosen to redevelop the Perkins Homes public housing complex. Located near the thriving Harbor East, Little Italy, and

HUD Struggles Under Dr. Ben Carson’s Leadership

Writing for New York Magazine and ProPublica, Baltimore based journalist Alec MacGillis has published a disturbing account on the state of the Department of Housing and Urban Development

Transportation Still an Obstacle for Employment

Recently, BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport's CEO and other authorities have noted a problem with transportation being inadequate in connecting potential employees to jobs at the airport. The airport

Baltimore Renaissance Plan Presented Before City Council

A real estate developer from Virginia, Kahan S. Dhillon Jr., has recently proposed a $10billion development plan he dubs the 'Baltimore Renaissance.' The plan entails developing 70 vacant

What Federal Budget Cuts Will Mean for Public Transit

We recently discussed the impact losing Community Development Block Grants could have on Baltimore. But that's not the only worthwhile program at risk of being cut. The acting MTA Administrator

Does the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Encourage Segregation?

The Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Program (LIHTC) is the main federal program for the financing of low-income housing. Through the LIHTC program, affordable housing developers are awarded tax

MTA Head Tells Developers to Consider Transit in Project Design

The Baltimore Business Journal reports that new MTA head Kevin Quinn spoke to the Greater Baltimore Committee last week and explained the importance of design and location when

Mayor Names New Transportation and Housing Directors

This Thursday, Mayor Pugh announced her choice for department heads of three major city agencies. Michelle Porciau will head the Department of Transportation. She is a former Director