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Making the Case for Equitable TOD

Affordable housing developer Enterprise Community Partners has issued a new report on the need for affordable housing as a key component of  transit oriented development (TOD).  The paper refers to this as “equitable transit oriented development,” or eTOD.  This report, […]

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Understanding the True Costs of Sprawl

A new paper from Todd Litman of the Victoria Transportation Policy Institute discusses the true costs of sprawl.  The report was commissioned on behalf of an intergovernmental organization known

Supreme Court Could Gut Key Provision of the Fair Housing Act

(January 6, 2016 update: CPHA is pleased to announce that the Supreme Court upheld disparate impact claims in a 5-4 vote. Furthermore, while this article focuses on disparate

Improving the Narrative on Public Transit

A new narrative is needed on public transit, according to a study from the Journal of Public Transportation. The study, which was published last month, examines how an

Setbacks in School Renovation Plans

Baltimore’s “21st Century School Buildings Plan” was hit by another series of setbacks last week, after plans to close six city schools drew widespread opposition from the community.

New Development Leaves Out Too Many Baltimoreans

It's been a busy month for real estate development in Baltimore. A 12 story apartment building for Johns Hopkins students will be constructed at the corner of St. Paul

New Bill Proposes Tax Breaks for Urban Farmers

Mayor Rawlings-Blake last week backed a bill promising tax credits for urban farms, the Baltimore Sun reports. The bill, which was proposed by Councilman Pete Welch, calls for

How Can Baltimore Fight Climate Change?

In light of the UN Climate Summit last week, CPHA decided to take a quick look at climate policy in Baltimore: How has Baltimore addressed the issue of

How Baltimore’s New Zoning Code Can Reduce Vacants

Vacant buildings can be found all over Baltimore. This is especially true in our city’s most distressed communities. But vacants can even be found in neighborhoods viewed as

“Alley Gating” on the Rise in Baltimore

Alley gating is spreading across neighborhoods in Baltimore City, according to a report from the Baltimore Sun. Alley gating – the installation of lockable, access-restricting gates across residential