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City Council Passes Complete Streets and Affordable Housing Legislation

We applaud the City Council for passing two important bills that will make our City more livable and affordable. The first bill is comprehensive complete streets legislation. The idea behind complete streets is that planners should design roadways for everyone […]

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City Council To Review Parking Cash Out Proposal

Councilman Ryan Dorsey along with co-sponsors Brandon Scott, Yitzy Schleifer, Zeke Cohen, Kris Burnett, Shannon Sneed, Bill Henry, and Mary Pat Clarke have introduced a bill before the City

CPHA Releases Empowertrans Report

CPHA is pleased to announce the release of Project Empowertrans: Transportation Options for Connecting Affordable Housing and Growing Job Centers. This report was written by then CPHA Director

What Federal Budget Cuts Will Mean for Public Transit

We recently discussed the impact losing Community Development Block Grants could have on Baltimore. But that's not the only worthwhile program at risk of being cut. The acting MTA Administrator

MTA Head Tells Developers to Consider Transit in Project Design

The Baltimore Business Journal reports that new MTA head Kevin Quinn spoke to the Greater Baltimore Committee last week and explained the importance of design and location when

MTA Rolls Out BaltimoreLink

This Sunday, the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) launched BaltimoreLink, the largest overhaul of the bus system in decades. Baltimore's bus system has historically left a lot to be

Advocates Respond to Potomac Street Bike Lane Removal

Like so many other stakeholders around the city, CPHA is deeply concerned about Mayor Pugh's decision to tear out the Potomac Street bike lane in Canton. Along with

Reflecting on Baltimore’s Light Rail Line

The Baltimore Sun has an article on the failure of Baltimore's Light Rail line to live up to what so many of its boosters hoped it could be.

CPHA’s 2016 Maryland Legislative Wrapup

2016 was a very active year for CPHA and our work with transportation advocacy. It was also a successful one. Out of the four bills we championed, three

CPHA Advocates for Transportation Reform Bills In Annapolis

CPHA is working on four important state transportation bills that we think will significantly improve both how Maryland makes funding decisions about and operates transportation. The first bill is the Maryland Open Transportation