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Tiny Houses Could be Coming to Baltimore

Legislation introduced by City Councilman Ryan Dorsey would allow for the construction of accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in Baltimore. According to the website, examples of ADU’s include apartments built on top of garages, tiny houses in backyards, and basement […]

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New Zoning Code Moves Baltimore Forward

On December 5, 2016, the Baltimore City Council passed and the Mayor signed into law Transform Baltimore, the first rewrite of our zoning code since 1971. You can

The Baltimore Zoning Code: What’s Going On?

The City Council Land Use and Transportation Committee is currently voting on more than 1000 Amendments to the Transform Baltimore Zoning Code.  Many of these amendments are detrimental

Multifamily Conversions

This Thursday, the City Council Land Use and Transportation Committee will hold another voting session on amendments to the new zoning code. Among the topics to be voted

Transform Baltimore 101

Transform Baltimore is the name of Baltimore City's comprehensive zoning rewrite.  Baltimore last rewrote its zoning code in 1971 and a lot has changed since then.  Much of

Public Hearings to be held on City Zoning Maps

The City Council Land Use and Transportation Committee is currently voting on several hundred text amendments for our new zoning code. CPHA is keeping those interested in the

Alcohol Outlet Density Reduction: Setting the Record Straight

Although there's a lot more to Baltimore's new zoning code than closing non-conforming liquor stores, it has been the most discussed part of the code in the media,

Understanding the Planning Commission and the Zoning Board

In our discussion of the zoning code, the Planning Commission and Board of Muncipal and Zoning Appeals have been mentioned a number of times.  These two separate bodies

Land Use and Transportation Committee Discusses Design Standards

The most recent Land Use and Transportation Committee worksession on Baltimore's new zoning code was held on July 15.  At this meeting, the Committee returned to the text

Parking Requirements Revisited

Please note that CPHA was not able to attend this worksession. All reporting for this entry is based off the video of the worksession which was posted online.