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Waterfront Overlay Districts

At the Land Use and Transportation Committee worksession on May 13, the committee continued its review of the land use tables.  This session focused on special rules governing development along the Canton, Fells Point, and Key Highway waterfront areas.  These […]

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Industrial Mixed-Use (Continued) and Transit-Oriented Development

The Council continued their discussion of Industrial Mixed-Use (I-MU) from the last worksession.  Councilwoman Mary Pat Clarke expressed some concern over the bulk regulations for I-MU structures.  She was

Village Commercial and Industrial Mixed Use Revisited

The April 8 worksession began with a discussion of bulk and yard requirements for areas zoned C-1-VC. This zoning designation was discussed in a previous post.  Essentially C-1-VC is


In general, developers are supposed to follow zoning regulations as set forth in the code.  However, there are certain circumstances where something about the property makes it difficult

Uses in Commercial Zones

This post covers allowed uses in commercial zones (pages 10-12).  For an overview of commercial zones, click here.  It is a continuation of what occurred at the last

Uses in Open Space and Residential Zones

At the latest Transform Baltimore Worksession, the Land Use and Transportation Committee began its discussion of the zoning code's land use tables.  The land use tables are currently

Zoning Enforcement

At the most recent Transportation and Land Use Committee worksession, the committee worked on Title 19 of the code which deals with Enforcement and Appeals.  This a very

Nonconforming Uses

At the most recent worksession, the Land Use and Transportation Committee discussed nonconforming uses. This included an in depth discussion on the removal of nonconforming liquor stores. The

Billboards, Signs, and Baltimore

At the most recent worksession, the Land Use and Transportation Committee discussed Title 17 of the code. This section is about signs and billboards.  This worksession can be

Parking and Baltimore’s New Zoning Code

Here at CPHA, we've written a lot of about parking. In particular we've focused on how too much parking can be damaging to our urban environment and how free or