Contacting Public Officials

Whenever you call, email or write a letter to an elected official, it’s important to remember a few key actions to take, so that your issue is sure to be addressed.

  1. Only contact elected officials that represent YOU. Elected officials who don’t represent you have no reason to listen to you.
  2. Provide your full home address. This ensures the elected official that you live in his or her district.  State and Federal politicians are not required to write down your comment or request if you do not provide a home address.
  3. Ask  for a written statement detailing the actions the politician took on the issue.  If the issue relates to a piece of legislation they need to vote on, the politician is required to provide you a written update about how they handled the issue in question, but only if you ask for one.
  4. Keep in touch. Write or call your representatives about different issues on a regular basis.  Tell them the good things and the bad things to let them know what is important to you.  However, do not make the same call or write the same email more than once.


TIP: Add all of your elected officials to your email contact list!  If your email client allows you to create a Group of emails to send to, create a “Local Elected Officials” group that includes the Mayor, City Council President and your City Councilperson.  Also consider creating a “State Elected Officials” group and a “National Elected Officials” group.  That way, you’ll never forget anyone when you want to send them a message, and it will allow you to send messages with more ease and with greater frequency.