Foreclosures Affect Renters & Homeowners

CPHA has a foreclosure prevention outreach project to connect with residents in the three zip codes with the highest rates of Notices of Intent to Foreclose (also known as NOI’s). CPHA is working in collaboration with the Baltimore Homeownership Preservation Coalition.

Out outreach combines two primary methods. First, we connect with professionals that residents may call for help. These individuals include elected officials, food pantry employees, social service employees, school staff, and many others.  We train these individuals to know what resources are available to renters and homeowners. We also send monthly emails with information for these people to copy and share with clients.  Second, CPHA collaborates with community based nonprofits and housing counselors to identify specific target blocks where CPHA will conduct door-knocking, or pass out door hangers.

If you would like to get involved with this effort, please contact Kate Jennings: or 410-206-5797.  Below you will find the information CPHA is sharing with Baltimore residents.

Don’t Pay For Help!

In Maryland, you have a right to a FREE nonprofit housing counselor.  Read on for more information.

Renters & Homeowners: click here to download a list of the housing counselors serving Baltimore City, and the legal resources you may be eligible for.


Protect your rights if your landlord goes into foreclosure. Get free legal advice about paying rent, getting repairs done, contacting the bank, and any other questions.  Call the Public Justice Center today for FREE legal advice and/or representation.  Click here to download a brochure to help renters understand their rights.

410-625-9409  * Se hablan español.


Having trouble paying your mortgage? Contact a non-profit housing counselor for FREE assistance with foreclosure intervention.  Contact a housing counselor to find out which resources are available to you.  The Maryland HOPE Hotline can connect you with a housing counselor near you.

1-877-462-7555 or go to

Avoid Scams! Don’t Pay For Help!

Any agency that asks for a large sum of money to “fix” a foreclosure problem is probably a scam.  Call the HOPE Hotline to connect with a FREE housing counselor.  Visit for more information on scams, and how to report a scam.

What is foreclosure?

Anyone who signs a mortgage with a bank in order to purchase a home is required to pay the bank back in monthly increments.  When a property owner can no longer pay their monthly payments, the bank can start the foreclosure process, which is a complex process of taking ownership of the house away from the homeowner, and transferring it to the bank. To understand more about the foreclosure timeline, click here to view a diagram of the actions a homeowner can take during this process.


Foreclosure Data Analysis

Baltimore Homeownership Preservation Coalition has partnered with the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance (BNIA) to provide up-to-date information on foreclosures in Baltimore City.  View their Foreclosure Data website to download data sets, view interactive maps, and learn foreclosure statistics for the City.