Invest now!

Do you know the many ways to invest in CPHA?

As a nonprofit organization, CPHA depends largely on community support. Financial contributions, in-kind donations, community participation – even your interest! – all directly help us in fulfilling our objectives. If you’d like to see us continue doing the work we do, please consider the following ways of showing us your support:

  1. Invest in CPHA. Fund us directly with a financial contribution! Any amount, large or small, is greatly appreciated. Interested in supporting our work on a consistent basis? Consider a $10 monthly subscription.
  2. CPHA Membership. Community associations and individual memberships are very important to our ability to carry out our mission. Click here for details.
  3. Combined Charity Campaign Pledge. Are you a city employee? Make a pledge to CPHA in this year’s Combined Charity Campaign for Baltimore City! Please use our designation number, 1727, when you make a gift.
  4. AmazonSmile. Amazon donates to CPHA every time you shop at their store via this link!
  5. In-kind Gifts. From donating food at an event to contributing ink to our printers, there are a multitude of options for in-kind giving. If you have an item(s) you think we’d be interested in, please don’t hesitate to contact us!
  6. Event Sponsorship. For the general promotion of your business, CPHA offers logo and name promotion during the entirety of the event marketing period. Your name and logo appear in multiple email blasts to over 2,500 subscribers, on CPHA’s event homepage, and on all day-of event materials. CPHA’s Activate Your Inner Citizen: Universities occur in April and September, and the Annual Meeting is usually in November. Other events are not on a routine schedule. Consider sponsoring multiple events at a time!
  7. Endowment. A gift to CPHA’s endowment fund provides long-term support to the organization.
  1. Hosting a fundraising social. Do you think your friends might be interested in supporting CPHA? We can help you organize an event to highlight CPHA’s past and future!

All checks should be made out to CPHA.

To pursue any of these options, contact Rich Hall at or 410-539-1369 x 101.