September 23, 2021

Where Noted, Cyclists Use of Full Lane Now Legal in MD

Drive safely! Allow bikes full lane where posted! On certain roads and in certain circumstances, cyclists are now permitted to use the full lane of roads in Maryland. The Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) has begun to install special signs, called R4-11 signs, around the state, which read: “NOTICE: BICYCLES MAY USE FULL LANE.” Better yet, there are already twenty such signs installed in Baltimore City.

MDOT has specified that the R4-11 sign may be placed:

  • At entry points onto the state highway system as information about Maryland law;
  • At the beginning of a section of roadway where the lane is 13 feet or less wide;
  • At the beginning of a section of roadway where curbside parking or other encroachments narrow the width useable for travel to 13 feet or less;
  • Additional signs may be placed at intervals of about 1/2 mile through the length of a lane effectively 13 feet or less wide through urban areas;
  • At the point where an existing Bike Lane or other bicycle facility ends and bicyclists are forced to share a lane with motorized vehicles;
  • In advance of locations with a significant number of left turning bicycles are expected

Keep an eye out for these new signs, and drive safely!  For more cycling news and resources, along with opportunities to help improve cycling in Maryland, go to Bike Maryland’s page. For information about all current cycling laws,  visit MDOT’s Biking and Walking page.