September 22, 2021

About CPHA

A Tradition of Making a Difference [Click Here to Read CPHA’s History]
Since 1941, CPHA has continually promoted civic action, and assisted communities in changing Baltimore City for the best.  CPHA’s Case Statement provides some statistics that explain why CPHA focuses on neighborhoods, transportation and housing.

Current Programs [Click Here to Read What We Do]
CPHA’s programs aim to fulfill the Vision and Mission of the organization.  Our programs include Community Association Support and Leadership Training, Policy Research and Legislative Pressure, Citizen Outreach and Organizing, and more.

CPHA Vision
CPHA is the catalyst for civic action to bring about a healthy, inclusive Baltimore, with economically vibrant communities and opportunities for all people

CPHA Mission
CPHA brings about a healthy, inclusive Baltimore by:

  • Bringing together people and neighborhoods to create innovative solutions to challenging, community-wide problems
  • Empowering citizens with information and skills for advocacy and organizing, and
  • Championing solutions through legislative and policy reforms.

Corporate Documents
Click on these links to download PDF’s of CPHA’s Articles of Incorporation or the current ByLaws of the organization.